Your Final Expenses

Taxes can be minimized, but death can not be avoided.

It will be sad and traumatic for your loved ones when you die.
Make it easier with simple planning now.

Lost loved one

What are your choices in Nevada?

Providers listed here are for informational purposes
and are not advertisements nor endorsements. 

Check Yelp or elsewhere online for additional providers

Here are some examples:
Cremation –  $750 (as of 10/2016)  $2,000+ (as of 2015)

Funeral –
Palm Mortuary – minimum service with minimal casket $3,780 (There may be more expenses, see their General Price List as of 10/2016).

Helpful Booklets –
Grief Support Brochure
Shopping for Funeral Services
Your Rights When Buying Funeral Services
How Many Death Certificates Are Needed?