Not quite “Special Needs”…but needs special care

Bryan is a budding actor with amazing talent for age 3. He takes charge of a room when he walks in, he has everyone in stitches with the songs he sings…some he makes up himself!

Fotolia_Child microphone


At 2pm sharp he has become accustomed to watching Barney on TV while eating a bowl of green Jello. It needs to be green. Barney must be on. Or there is a meltdown.

Bryan was diagnosed with high functioning Autism. He’s brilliant. He also takes in more information from his environment that he would like to. It can get terribly overwhelming. Without the filters that “neurotypical” people have, he gets bombarded by information that we can simply ignore.

In his world of “too much input” he knows that at 2pm he can count on something that keeps him connected with a stable reality. He watches Barney and he has green Jello.

And there are other things that he needs. He likes certain things in his backpack when he gets in the car. He eats gluten free food, but it is THIS brand, not THAT one. He likes when you make a certain funny face. You recently moved to a new house, you put everything be in the same place in his room BEFORE he set foot in the house.

He does not qualify as “special needs,” yet he will need extra professional services. You feel he may work when he grows up. This does not require a Special Needs trust, but you do need to appoint a future guardian with specific instructions. What do you do?

Are you really prepared if you were to pass away before him? Do you realize that a will alone will not help? A will = probate. Probate = time delays + draining assets + limited control, if any.

There is a solution that can put you at ease. A Future Guardian Trust is for children with mild disabilities and/or giftedness needs.

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