Group Wellness Plans


Attract and retain quality employees.
Add money to your bottom line.

Receive $500 per employee per  year
Give benefits to your employees at no out-of-pocket cost to you or them:
Average $150/month nest-egg benefit to each employee.

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How many employees do you have? (minimum 4 employees) How much money
are you letting go each month by not having this plan yet.

# of Employees x $40 = lost money in your business per month
# of Employees x $150 = lost employee benefits per month

With 5 full-time employees, you are throwing away an estimated $950 per month.
Money INSIDE your business helps grow your business and our economy.
Spending it on taxes, well…I’ll say this, it’s not patriotic to overpay your taxes.

This plan is simple to set up and maintain.
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