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Avoiding the Evils of Student Loans

College graduate with large tuition billStudent loan debt has skyrocketed.

Over 700,000 seniors are paying for their student loans out of their Social Security checks.  Hmmm…something is wrong with that picture, isn’t it?

Make sure and research scholarships thoroughly before diving into a student loan. Just think of the time you spend on this project as highly paid hours of work.

Here is a link to a book that has an amazing story and is full of ideas for successful scholarship planning.

DID YOU KNOW that 529 savings plans are NOT ideal for many people?  There are alternatives that create TAX FREE income and are not restrictive like 529 plans. Learn more here:

Here is another valuable reference, it is an article from about 8 colleges who are offering tuition discounts:

Beware of student loans. They are unforgivable in a bankruptcy. They don’t go away.